Your hair is your best accessory. Whoever said that is a genius. The way your hair looks defines a lot about you, your style quotient and how healthy you are. That said, it’s only logical you live a healthy lifestyle to show off healthy hair and skin and whatnot. Those clichéd words ‘fruits and veggies’ raise their head here. Eat them plenty and eat them right and the methods that follow are certain to enhance your hair’s beauty and looks in incredible ways.

  • Against Dandruff: Coconut oil is the best choice for this job. Apply it onto your scalp and massage it in for ten minutes. This readily ensures soaking and you also get to strengthen your strands. Dandruff is eased off your scalp and you keep it from coming back. This flaking of skin on your scalp is quite natural, so don’t go seeking ways to get rid of it permanently. It’s a natural process and must exist, but it sure can come in the way of attractive appeal. This is why you need to get it off soon with coconut oil and the use of mild shampoo after half an hour spent letting the oil sink deep. Your hair comes out shiny and your scalp is scratch- and dandruff-free.
  • Against Graying: So you’re getting old, so what? Most people attain their attractive peak as they get older. Even if you aren’t one such person or if you’re a young person and facing the ill effects of graying you can choose one natural herb to help. It’s called Henna. Apply a mixture of it into your scalp and hair strands, focusing especially on the white or gray areas. Keep it there for about half an hour and wash off with a good shampoo. Your non-black hair absorbs the herb and attains a reddish hue, quite stylish and far better than those whites and grays. Of course, deficiencies in diet are the root cause of this issue—pun intended—so look this up.
  • Against Dullness: Shine is best when it delivers on that promise. This is why you need protein to help you, intake and outer application alike. Eat the right meats to help add shine and then there’s egg white to help with the outside application. Break an egg, shake the contents in your cupped hands in such a way that the white alone falls away between your fingers into a vessel. Use the yellow yolk for culinary purposes so as not to waste it while the white goes onto your head. Rub it through your hair and soak it for a solid forty minutes, after which wash off with mild shampoo and see the shine with your own eyes.

These are some of the common methods to take care of your hair. You have to corner your hair issues from within and without. Diet that then enters your bloodstream is your best bet, which coupled with the methods above for external care works miracles in imparting that glamorous healthy hair you deserve.

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